God Told Me: I Have Rights Under “The Law Of Null Effect”

God Told Me That I Have Rights Under “The Law Of Null Effect” Which Covers Me As A Citizen of The Kingdom of God.-1.pngThere was a time in my life when the devil would rise up in those around me whenever I prayed. The atmosphere would be very quiet until I finished praying and all hell would break loose. At that time in my life I questioned God a lot as part of my learning process and God simply whispered to me during that season that the “The Law of Null Effect” was passed and I should familiarise myself with it.

God has taught me that there is a heavenly law of null effect which has been established in His court room. This law outlines that every attack by Satan will accomplish nothing and has no effect on the citizens of the Kingdom of God.  The attacks of Satan have been designed to bring us down, destroy us and weaken our relationship with the Father, son an Holy Spirit (John 10:10), but once we are in place with God and living according to His will the devil’s plans will come to nothing.

Consider this legal dictionary of the word “null: “Of no legal validity, force, or effect; nothing. As used in the phrase null and void, refers to something that binds no one or is incapable of giving rise to any rights or duties under any circumstances”. (http://legal-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/null)

Satan will try everything in his might to distract us with his attacks. He will seek to mostly attack us when we are focused on God; in prayer, fasting, reading the word and pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ but God calls us to remain focused because Satan’s plans are incapable of giving rise to any effect. This is why God wants to remind us that when Satan attacks we must give him no attention, because his plan is to distract us from what we are doing.


Hey, don’t get me wrong, Satan’s plans are very carefully thought out and there is an expected outcome/effect outlined by him and his team. But we really don’t have to pay him any attention once we are focused on the things of God. It is the power of God and the armour of God that covers us.

Some may ask, “how can I ignore Satan’s attacks when he comes with such force?”

You sure can!!! Once you understand that the law of null effect has been established by God and you have rights under this law, then your response will be based on the existence of this law. Secondly, once you keep pushing yourself constantly in the presence of God; in more prayer, more fasting, more praise, more reading of the Word, then you have no time to give attention to the devil’s useless plans. Your God-focused actions will weaken the devil.

Never believe that as a Christian this law protects you without you adhering to the specific sub sections that have been outlined under this law:

  • Remain in the presence of God by living in the spirit
  • Maintain a holy lifestyle
  • Remain prayerful and praise-full
  • Put on and keep on the full armor of God at all times
  • Allow the fruit of the spirit to bear in your life

Remember!!!  The law of null effect outlines that Satan’s plans are useless in the lives the citizens of the Kingdom of God who know their rights and remain in the presence of God.



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