What is your next step in pursuing the perfect will of God for your life?


Living A Life Of Freedom By Overcoming Shame & Fear

This masterclass is for individuals who have not been able to walk in a fulfilled and victorious life because of shame and fear.

This FREE session will help you identify the roots of these emotions and provide you with strategies to be successful and live a purpose-driven life.

It will also help you develop the mindset of the overcomer who you were born to be.


Exploring Why God Wants You To Wait After A Breakup

For four (4) days you will get an opportunity to prepare your mind and heart to understand four reasons why God wants you as a single man or woman to wait on Him.

This 4-day email course will help you understand why God wants you to wait after a break up. Everyday you will receive an email from Prophetess Vicki L. Olton.

What attendees are saying about these courses:

Shauna Bertrand

I have been in fear and shame from childhood because I grew up without out a father and experienced some childhood abuse, but today after attending the class I know that God is calling me to a life of change. He wants to renew my mind and keep me from the bondage from the past. He wants me to live my best life free from shame and fear. I will read the scriptures given and the pray point to help me.

Shauna Bertrand, Grenada

Terrianne Charles-min
One of the biggest lessons I learned was i must deal with the root caused of my fears. I was truly blessed by this Master Class. It gave me a new perspective and it gave me tips on how to conquer fear and shame when they arise. It also taught me some of the weapons of warfare.