LIVE And Not Die

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Publisher: Rehoboth Publications (Barbados)

Psalm 118:17 says “I will live and not die, to declare the works of God”. I wanted to live, so I made a conscious decision to let these words be a part of my everyday declarations, especially when I felt like I would not make it to see the next day. My determination to fight meant opening my mouth and declaring that I will live and not die.

This book is the evidence of the results of that declaration.

I was created to live and not die, and to declare God’s marvelous works. The storm I was experiencing was not the end of me, but it marked just the beginning of a new life in Christ and becoming all that He had called me to be.

As you read this powerful testimony of the faithfulness of God in my life, your heart will be touched. The powerful nature of the works of the Holy Spirit is unraveled in the pages. I know you will rejoice and glorify God as you see His greatness, love, mercy and kindness through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in my life. And wherever life finds you at this present moment, know that you too will live and not die and declare the works of God.

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