Testimony – Walk Towards Purpose

Vicki’s Walk Towards Purpose

As Featured in the Breathe Magazine.

Walking into purpose is surely a continuous journey and most definitely, is not always a smooth walk. Nowhere in this scripture does Jesus say that the narrow way would be free from roadblocks.

There will be blockages, boulders and all types of hindrances on the road to purpose, but what makes the difference in our lives is how we handle the blockages. If you turn back, then you will miss receiving the crown that God has for you in Heaven, and if you go forward, it will take some effort to knock down the boulder, but you will get closer to your destination. What will be your response today?

My journey towards purpose has surely included many blockages but my response to these has been the epitome of what it means to press towards purpose and be all that God has called me to be in the face of every attack.

Growing up I was always involved in the church and always loved God but never understood what a relationship with Him meant. The devil took over in my early teenage years pushing me into a life of sexual promiscuity. This did not last long and at the age of 17 as I look back I can see that God’s hands were surely upon me and quickly brought me into a new life where I desired to live a life more pleasing in His sight. I still was not a dedicated Christian and at age 17, I entered a relationship, which lasted for 12 years, but never decided to give my life to Christ in a meaningful way, until 2008.

After 6 years into the relationship I gave my life to Christ and for another 6 years I lived purely before God. Sometimes in life when we know that something is not going well and those in the relationship have grown apart, we should not force things to work. Life changes and at the early age of 17 if you don’t know God, you don’t know who you are and who God wants you to become. Twelve years after, you are definitely a different person and if you are determined to live for God, He will pull you out to be with Him so that He can reveal to you who you are really called to be. This is exactly what He did to me. The break up caused pain but it was worth it.

There is a decision we have to make, either let go and give all or just stay in something that is not pleasing to God. My decision was to give it all to God, and forfeit all that I had given for 12 years for Him. My decision was to give up all that I was accustomed to, just to have God. I sacrificed all just for God. I believed that God was able to hold and comfort me and He surely did when the effects of the soul ties that we created for 12 years kicked in. Even though you may not be having sex with someone, you are still building a relationship with that person, hence soul lies will exist. Through it all I am happy to say that God kept me, delivered me and pulled me into the great purpose of being a true representative for Him in the kingdom. He has taken me on a journey towards purpose and at the same time discovering and uncovering the hidden me that I never knew until I gave it all up for Him.

I take this opportunity to encourage both single men and women to choose God. Allow the stronger One to win. You will not regret it. Never see an ended relationship as an end. Let your years of investment be the lemons, which God will now take and make something sweet with the one who He has chosen for you.

The walk towards purpose for me therefore started in April 2008. I did not know then that this walk would be a walk into purpose and the true calling of God for my life to influence the world, but I knew it was time to make the decision to truly walk with God.

In December 2007, I sadly experienced the loss of a baby at 5 months of pregnancy. There were weeks, months and even years of sorrow, hurt and turmoil. Anxiety took a toll; sleepless nights, torment and even the fear of death became the norm. But on Good Friday in 2008, exactly nine years ago, I made the final decision to give it all to Christ and live the life that I knew would have been pleasing to Him.. I sat in church that day and heard the story of the cross for the umpteenth time but it had never been so real to me. A few days after in a men’s fellowship conference, I decided to give my life to Christ and since then I have never turned into the world. Amen! I decided to live a totally pure life before God from that day.

Accepting Christ did not mean that the spiritual attacks or torment, fear, anxiety and all their demonic friends would have just walked out of my life. There was a process that I had to go through in order to understand spiritual things. A process that I had to go through to understand, love and live for God. God could have removed every issue off my narrow road towards purpose, but He felt it necessary to leave them there to strengthen me to be who He had called me to be. One by one as He carried me through His divine school, the works of the enemy fell off my life.

There is a saying: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Nothing better explains better how I have been walking towards purpose, which continues to this day. The truth is this: lemons are not sweet; they are extremely sour. Just take one, squeeze it into your mouth, and see.

Similarly, life may become sour at times and cause us to cringe as the enemy squeezes the lemon in our mouths, but if it had not been for the lemon added to the sugar, the tasty lemonade would not be the result. The spiritual torment of losing a child was one of the lemons in my life and as hard as it was, as tormenting the nights of crying for the loss of something you expected to experience, I allowed God to use His word and His Spirit to create sweet, tasty lemonade, called purpose.

Had I not gone through the sour times, I would not have been propelled today. Had I not seen the true value of the lemon-like situations of life, and decided to give them to God since He is the one that holds the water and sugar to make the lemonade, then I would not be the woman of purpose that I am today.

Remember lemons are the key to the sweet success and purpose that God has created you! The lemonade at the end of the day is not just for you. It is for the ones that He will send to you who will taste that lemonade and see that yes, God is real and the sweetness that He created with your lemons can also be created in their lives.

Today I testify from a new place, that God is great and can do so much for us once we decide to hand him the lemons so that He as the divine mixologist can create the sweetest and tastiest brew of lemonade out of our experiences and lives in general.

There were nights of crying out to God for deliverance and peace from the sorrows and pains of lost. It did not seem to be near in sight but I was determined to seek and search for the God who I heard about in primary school and Sunday school as the God who loved me so dearly. Even as a non-Christian, I believed in God and was intrigued by the miracles of the Bible. I had faith in the midst of turmoil that God would show up some time and deliver me from the inability to sleep because I was fearful that I would die in my sleep. Anxiety was taking a toll after so many tearful days and night of losing something that you wanted so dearly. I believed that I would eventually lose my mind and end up in a psychiatric hospital.

I spent many nights just sitting and asking God to heal me. My counselor at the time had a Christian background so the words “this too shall pass” were one of the medications on his prescription and whenever the attacks and thoughts overwhelmed me I said these words. From this experience, I learnt the power of speaking. I was young in the faith but as I look back this boulder in my way gave me great understanding of the power of words because every time I uttered those words things changed, the pain lessened and I was able to find a little rest. God simply used this situation to not only strengthen me and delivery me, but most likely to teach me about Him.

However, let me go back a little because I want you to understand that the walk towards purpose is not always simple. In 2008 right after giving my life to Christ, I knew that there was something more. I spent most of my life in the Anglican Church where I was very active as a Sunday school student and member of the church band, but there was something more to the entire journey than what I was experiencing. There was something more to me. It was not about what anyone else was doing but it was about engaging the passion for more that was deep down on the inside and overwhelming my life with a desire for more.

I want you as the reader to understand that this life is not about religion, but it is about seeking first the kingdom of God, before anything and being who He has called you to be through doing what He wants you to do. It will call for moving away from some traditions and letting go some religious mindsets so that He can set you apart for who He has fashioned you to be before you were birthed in your mother’s womb. God wanted me to learn and experience the power of His Holy Spirit so He simply had to move me to the place where He could do this.

Later in 2008, I was invited to a “Pentecostal” church. I began to hear the voice of God through the pastor in the new church. Every word from his sermons were words directly from the throne room of God, touching every part of the situation that I was going through. This gave me the confidence to believe that God is indeed real and is who the Bible says that He is. The pastor did not know anything about me or what I was going through but every time I went to the church, the Holy Spirit ministered and brought deliverance.

This new experience with the voice of God was the drawing of the Holy Spirit on to the road of purpose. He led me to go into a period of transition where I later became a member of the new church. This meant that those close to me opposed the move. This left me in tears many days to know that something (The Holy Spirit) was pulling me towards divine purpose and there was hardly any support. I knew that God was teaching me so many great things, but hardly anyone saw that this is a work of God and not a work of the flesh. The experience of His power was something new, exciting and surely proof that He is real and the word of God is true, but no one supported me. I was experiencing something new that made me feel as if I was in a classroom every time I went to church. Fasting, dreams and visions became my everyday life and I just could not turn back because there was something pulling me in a direction and even if I wanted to turn another way, the power of God in my life at that time was so strong, I could not do anything different but to respond.

It was never was about religion. I just knew God wanted more from me because of the call He had on my life. I knew deep down that God had placed me on the earth for a great purpose and it had to be pursued. God moved me so that I could learn the ministry of the Holy Spirit and I did. My desire today remains the same: to allow Him to pull me in whatever direction He wants me to go in.

Life should never be about religion. Sometimes the walk towards your purpose will call for you moving away from the tradition and coming out from amongst who and what you are accustomed to in order to be the minister that God has called you to be and to discover the things in you that you did not know were there. Just imagine: had I not moved from amongst the familiar by the leading of the Holy Spirit I would have never discovered the worshipper, preacher, intercessor, prophetess, mentor, teacher, writer and in general, the woman of purpose that was hidden deep down within me.

I have seen the hand of the Lord move in my life on so many occasions, but one of the most significant moves was In January 2015 when I realized that I had been miraculously healed from a life threatening condition. It was a blood condition called Antiphospholipid syndrome that I was diagnosed with in early 2008 and deemed to be the cause of the stillbirth, which I experienced in December 2007.

I spent seven years pleading with God for a blood transfusion. This seemed like nothing hard for Him to do since I read so many testimonies of God’s miraculous works in removing diseases like AIDS and Cancer. So what was so different now about this condition, which was threatening and said to cause blood clots at any time and ultimately bring about death? In January 2015, exactly seven years of having the issue in my blood, I was miraculously healed. The results came back negative. No longer was that spirit in my blood.

In your walk towards purpose, you will find many things right in the middle of your narrow road; things like death, opposition, and the spirit of tradition that want to oppose the move of the Holy Spirit. What should be your response? Trust God and allow Him to help you go forward. Allow Him to help you chop down, climb over, jump over etc…, whatever is in your way of progress towards purpose. One thing you must never do is turn back; or rather do not even look back because like Lot’s wife there is nothing but death in looking back.

One of the key scriptures which keeps propelling me today is: But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you (Matthew 6:33). My life has been a journey of keeping my eyes on the kingdom of God and not on people, not on religion and not on what the world expects of me.

I always dreamed of having my own business and God has made that a reality. I am the Managing Director of Effective Marketing Solutions and Divine Events by Vicki. What I have figured out over the years is that as one who God has fashioned specifically as a prophetess on the earth, money is never my first priority, but rather the kingdom of God. Putting God first is key because if He is not in my business then business does not make sense at all.

Though wealth is important, I do nothing in business unless God instructs and directs it. It simply does not make sense, especially as one called to be a mouthpiece of God. Therefore, if God is not in it, even in business, it simply cannot be entertained. Life is not about just being comfortable by any means possible. For me, it is about being comfortable in the perfect will of God.

Over the years God has transformed my businesses to be kingdom-focused and I now provide special marketing and event packages for businesses and entrepreneurs, which focus on ultimately helping clients, identify, develop and execute the ideas and businesses, which God has given unto them. As a teacher, I also conduct business and leadership seminars focused on doing business and life in general, God’s way.


Prophetess Vicki Speaking at Annual conference: The Purpose of the Wait

I am also the Founder & President of Mission Inside Out (The Mission) (theinsideoutmission.wordpress.com); a faith-based organization established in January 2015 whose aim is to educate and empower persons to identify, understand and live their God-given purpose and to promote wholistic Christianity through promoting the importance of being a balanced and whole Christian while emphasizing true beauty in body, spirit and soul.

The Mission came about as a result of a very horrible 5-week attack of bronchitis where on a bed of sickness the Holy Spirit spoke to me about taking care of my vessel as an important part of walking in purpose as well as the importance of having a balanced life in every area.

The Mission’s aim is to help all persons live a better and purpose-driven life through promoting the importance of being a balanced and whole Christian; physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially, mentally, business-wise and financially. The Mission is also dedicated to helping persons understand true beauty as a process of beautifying the spirit and the soul and ultimately the body by the standards of the Almighty God.

My last words to you as the reader:

  • Never underestimate what God will allow in your life to place you on the right road towards success and purpose. He may sometimes allow death, but because He has fashioned you, He knows that you are strong enough to handle it. You will not die but some things in your life will have to die so that you will walk into the true life of God. The loss may just be the beginning of the greatness that He has created you for.
  • The walk towards purpose may also include you walking away from the familiar and even breaking up some relationships that God has not ordained for you. There will be pain, there will be a sour taste in your mouth; it will be unbearable but with God, all things are possible. Keep purpose as the main focus in your life. He will cause you to conquer.


Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)