The LIVE And Not Die Movement


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LIVE And Not Die started as a book but it is MORE THAN A BOOK… It’s a Movement where Christian Author and Speaker Vicki L. Olton is encouraging the world to choose life over death; Jesus Christ over the devil. This movement is about walking in the light of Jesus Christ and destroying the darkness of the enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy.

The movement is based on the declaration: “I Will Live And Not Die” (taken from Psalm 118:17). The premise of this movement is to promote that in the midst of everything that we may be going through life over death is the best option. No matter what, we must open our mouth and declare the life of God over your life.

Through radio, social media and other mediums, Vicki will be boldly promoting the eternal power of life over death in Jesus Christ.




The LIVE And Not Die Instagram Teaching Series is brought to you LIVE every Tuesday at 8PM EST.

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